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24 April 2020 16:00Stockholm

The next generation of diversity leaders. 

Our survey of non-EU workers facing deportation for minor errors (kompetensutvisning) has  been published over 30 times in the last year, including internationally

But what about from the employer's perspective?  

At the end of our survey, there is an optional question, out of 600+ (and growing) foreign workers responding to our survey, they were given the chance to nominate a person and/or company who they felt really did something out of the ordinary to help them.

Question #42 (optional): We have learned that many 'kompetensutvisade' have employers that really help - is your current employer someone who helps you with this situation? Do you want to nominate them for an Award?"

60+ employers, nominated by their foreign employees.

These are all success stories  for diversity,  talent, and Sweden,  across cultures. 

We want to celebrate the best employers of foreign talent, and have them tell their story. We call this the Kompetens-IN-visar Award. 

This event is for anyone, employer, foreign talent, Swedish, whatever - who wants to take a moment, and celebrate the next generation of leading diversity in Sweden. 

This is event is part of a non-profit, non-partisan initiative for diversity in Sweden. 

The winner is decided by an independent Evaluation Committee of noted leaders of Diversity & Inclusion in our survey, and Kompetensutvisning survivors.

Evening Programme (Preliminary)


Doors open


Introduction: Welcome to Kompetens-IN-visar Award


Success Stories: Realities that inspire us

Select stories from runner-ups for the awards.

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Best Practises: How to create an optimal platform for foreign talent

What has worked and what hasn't? Based on all our survey responses and interviews with employees, here is what seems to work.

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Finalists: Presentation by Evaluation Committee

Presentation/introduction of the runner-ups. Winner to be announced at dinner.

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Break and Mingle


Kompetens-IN-Visar Award Winner Ceremony


Food + Drinks + Celebration Mingle

All you need to know

The Kompetens-IN-visar Award will take place  in central Stockholm.

Prepare for inspirational talks, networking, food and an epic after party. Speakers and agenda will be revealed bit by bit, starting late fall 2019.

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